Upcoming Special Quest Event

December 1, 2020 UPDATES  No comments

New DM run special event coming soon. If interested hop on Discord and drop us a post if you’re interested. Were thinking a Saturday 5 pm-ish with a runtime of around an hour. There will be punch an pie. People love punch and pie….

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XP Bank and Shadow Jump Widget. Cool Additions to AMON.

October 1, 2018 UPDATES

DM Bryan has added 2 new features to the world.  First one is currently located in the Heija Arena. Its an XP bank that is tied to your CD key and not affected by server resets.  Now you take a character you dont want, drain the XP and apply to another character.   As with anything there is a give and take.  You get back a quarter of the points you bank.  Put in 100k get 25k to use on another character,  This feature is live.

Second even cooler item added is a jump widget. You can select 5 different jump points around Amon.  It is not affected by server resets.  It is available in the Heija merchant on the right.   You use it by by right clicking widget and hitting use.  Then you click on the ground and a menu comes up asking if you want to set or jump to a point...
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UPDATE Magical Crafting System.

August 6, 2018 UPDATES

Thanks To Brandon and Bryan for making this happen.  First try of this killed some spells this one seems to work properly.  Enjoy Ray

“The Krit’s Better Craft Magic system has been implemented on Amon.  This allows for the crafting of wands and scrolls and brewing of potions to scale with the users caster level.

Additionally there is an item for sale that lets you choose the spell level instead of always taking the maximum.  Harmtimestop, & true seeing require a vial of dragon blood in order to scribe.  Said vial is lost when the spell is scribed.”

[Note:  At the moment Harm, Time Stop and True Seeing scribing might not work as Amon uses different Dragon Blood.. More info to come…”

The  Sallen merchant now sells bone wands, the wand charger (also works on all charged items..  ie....

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New More Complete Items Database and Other Great News.

July 28, 2018 UPDATES

Thanks to Conlaoch AKA Bryan he did some coding to make us able to pull items right out of the WOA module.  This can be found on the website WorldOfAmon.com under the Items Drop List section.  Its a little plain looking at the moment but we will be working together to refine the look in the near future.  Big Thanks to Conlaoch!

Last night Brandon, Bryan and myself spent some time tinkering with magical crafting system.  Look for an update Email soon describing what has been added.
Everyone make sure to congratulate Conlaoch when you see him on he has been elevated to DM Status.  This will give us a little more DM coverage for users.  Enjoy, DM Shoric
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Regular run DM special quests?

July 22, 2018 UPDATES

How many people are interested in regular run DM special quests?  I sent out a group email to see what times people may be available to do this on a Saturday or Sunday.  It is a good way to earn equipment that you many not usually be able to obtain playing on your own.  Its also a great way to meet and get to know other players on your server.  If players are interested in these special quests please comment below.  Thanks DM Shoric.

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Player Suggestions

July 22, 2018 SUGGESTIONS  No comments

Add suggestions to comment section of this post.

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Update July 17th 2018

July 17, 2018 UPDATES

New WordPress website up and running.  If you find issues contact us.

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Update July 16 2018

July 16, 2018 UPDATES

New version of Amon 06/13/18,  Brandon aka DM Skny added tiny fixes reported during the past month.  He also fixed some spelling errors and a missing loot script.  Also fixed a couple water placements that were sticking up.  Enjoy the updates.  DM Shoric.

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Update June 6th 2018

June 6, 2018 UPDATES

The new hardware is up and running. The transitions are really fast between maps Enjoy.

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Update June 4th 2018

June 4, 2018 UPDATES

Things seem to be getting a little busier on WOA. Seeing more people on during the day and night now. However not all have emailed us so hard to pass on new info to everyone.

First off they have updated EE to 1.74 and the new server version is 8175. They have fixed a bunch of issues and broke a couple but its still playable. Amon doesn’t like CEP2.65 hak’s and if you find yourself caught in a transition the fix is download the hak’s from link below. Once you overwrite the haks and login again, you will be unstuck. Tried it 3 times over the weekend and that fixed it every time.

More excitingly I finally have gotten the new server mostly together (Case coming today). Its run its burn in and is fast. Its a gigabyte x99 board with a Xeon E5-2640v4 2.4ghz processor...

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