All questions are equal.  Some get asked more often than others.

Are you the/affiliated with the original creators?

No.  DM Ren (Craig Suter) created The World of Amon.  We are simply old players hosting it for the benefit of the world.

Do you use HAKs?

Yes.  We currently use CEP 2.2 and several CTP files.  All can be found in our Required Files section.

Please note:  Due to a migration of power over the years, some CEP versions are no longer backward compatible.  We have experienced some issues with people downloading the most current version of CEP and becoming “stuck” during loading into particular areas.  In order to prevent/fix this, I guarantee that the .7z file we provide contains the appropriately functioning .hak’s.

Do you have subraces or use Wemics and Brownies?

We have not currently implemented any subrace system.  Wemics and Brownies are currently available when you create a character, but they are not authorized on the server.  We are seeking a method to prevent them from showing up, but until then, we simply suggest you not create one.

Have you changed or updated any spells?

We have…

Oh, you wanted to know what they were?

  • Battle Tide -Duration extended to Turn/lvl
  • Black Blade – No longer concentration based, but no longer invulnerable.  It’s quite a bit more formidable, yet simultaneously more fragile
  • Blade Thirst – Now works on bludgeoning and piercing weapons
  • Divine Favor – Scale extends to +10 (vice +5)
  • Greater Magic Weapon – Now caps out at +10 (lvl/3)
  • Greater Sanctuary – Now has a 2 minute (real time) cool down
  • Keen Edge – Now works on bludgeoning and piercing weapons

Epic Spells:

  • Greater Ruin – Damage has been greatly upgraded  85d6 + 70d6 + 15d6 for Wizards and Sorcerers; 45d6 + 40d6 + 12d6 for anyone else
  • Hell Ball – Damage has been upgraded dramatically to 60d6 Negative, 30d6 Acid, 30d6 Electrical, 40d6 Fire and 20d6 Sonic
  • Mummy Dust – Summoned Warrior Lord has been toughened up a little.