History and Lore

History and Lore


Amon's origins begin with Craig Suter (DM Ren) in his Pen and Paper D&D campaign.  When NWN was released he promptly began turning his campaign into our fantasy.  Ren's whereabouts are currently unknown, but it is assumed he is somewhere north of Hur Krull, stewing and plotting the death of Blackwing.

The Story of Amon

This is a very long and involved story.. I finally  have access to some archives, and I will try to find some old posts that  dive into the history. Otherwise.. I will slowly dink at adding the  story.

The World of Amon is what is is.. a world that was  left to its own devices.. sprung of interests and desires from foriegn  worlds.

Far across the galaxy exists a planet called Elaria..  this is the homeworld from whence came a fateful ship bearing seven  Elarian nobles, and a crew of clones. This ship would forever alter the  planet that they themselves named Amon.

The Pent-

Elarian culture had overcome death, but early on found  that without a cycle of renewal.. death.. some immortals would become  increasingly detached from reality. So by edict they decreed that only  100,000 Elarians would be 'nobles' and immortal.. all else would die and  renew every 1,500 years or so.

One of these Elarian nobles.. who had a tight cadre of  four nobles around him.. began to think he was above all considerations  other than his own. One night at a cocktail party he chance met a  daughter of a powerful politician. He demanded that she be brought to  him, and when she refused him he brutalized her, and disposed of her  dead body. Chance uncovered his actions, and the rulers were staggered  by the crisis, and the ramifications it would bring.

As it chanced there was a long-haul frieghter  preparing for departure. This ship was slated to travel the galaxy for  100 years.. gathering very precious metals and artifacts. The council  latched onto this opportunity, and quickly sacked its planned captain  and crew, and replaced them with the offending Elarian nobels. Since  they could not fulfill all the roles on the ship... they retained two  crew members.. the geologist.. a very attractive young Elarian nobel  named Alise.. but the mining foreman hearing of the changes in crew..  disappeared..

Seeing their grand plan to sweep the crisis under a  100 year rug slipping from them.. the council sent an envoy to the local  academy.. there in his last year of studies to be a mining foreman..  was a young man named Amon. He had awoke in the morning stressing over  two tests he had the next day, to find himself sitting stunned in his  stateroom.. on a mining ship.. departing this evening for 100 years.

It did not take long after the ship departed for both  Amon and Alise to start to recognize the insanity that they were now  immersed in. The advances on Alise by the nobels were non-stop and  incresingly demeaning.. as she spurned them it also became evident that  any consideration she gave Amon.. only brought him pain and suffering as  the captain was quick to lash out in all forms and manners.

What made matters worse was that planet after planet..  they found nothing to mine. Alise would try her best to plot good  courses, but time and time again her courses were meddled with, and then  she would face the wrath for another failure. Each failure would  increase the vitriol and violence from the captain.. until pushed too  far Alise could take no more, and she uncharacteristically lashed out  saying how none of these were her failures, and it was the captains own  meddling that caused these planets to be poor choices.. and that if he  would jolly well let her alone to do her job she would do it just fine..  and we could get on with this..

There was dead quiet in the brdge after Alise'  explosion.. Amon who had armed himself long ago moved his hand closer to  his pistol... the captain only stared at her with cold dead eyes.. and  said plainly that she could choose the next course.. but if she failed..  that he would hurt her terribly.

Alise chose the next course, and arrived above a  planet so rich in resources.. that its equal had never before been  recorded. As per protocol Alise was allowed the discretion of naming the  planet she took them to.. and with wry smile.. she named it Amon. Now  this action most likely had it desired effect.. twisting like a knife in  the throat of the nobels every time they said it.. but it cost Amon  dearly. He was banished to the planet.. and began a living nightmare of  carrying out the insane orders of a group that wanted nothing more than  to be done and going home at any cost or price

Real world history

Ren ran his servers (between 3 and 4 simultaneously) from 2002 to 2009, and again shortly during 2014.  In 2015 DM Shoric began hosting the World of Amon mod, which was publicly released on NWVault.  In 2018, with the release of NWN EE, DM Shoric also began hosting the NWN EE version.  That's two versions for the price of one.

Words from Ren

" On 9-10-09 I officially turned off all the World of Amon computers. This  page will be the final resting place for my work. I will miss having it  there to log into and remember, but four servers is a bit much to run  24/7 to cling to what was.

Farewell.. and God bless. " - DM Ren, Neverwinter Vault

22 Mar 2014

"Bringing friends together, and causing them to  fail miserably in bloody disasters.. plodding ever towards the  culmination of an overarching storyline.  Amon is an interpretation of a long-developed pen-and-paper D&D world created in software of Neverwinter Nights 1.  So if you get nostalgic.. talk to Solomak." - DM Ren

29 Jun 2015

" Hullo! The server ran for awhile again, and I pushed forward the code on  a few things.. I once again started up writing more events and stuff..  but in the end.. I was working very hard trying to build what was a very  dated game.. and roping friends to come and play it with me was getting  more and more difficult. Then the server it was running on crapped the  bed, and I just never put it back up. I have it all, and its all easy to  put back online.. so if we had some interest at some point I could run  it. " - DM Ren