History and Lore

Here we lay out some of the History and Lore of Amon, as well as some of the real world history (and credits) for Amon itself.

Files required to play Amon

Amon was built between 2002 and 2009.  That being said, some of the HAKs are dated, and may no longer appear on Neverwinter Vault.  And with the advent of the new CEP team, reverse compatibility is no longer guaranteed.  SO, these are the files you are looking for.

Maps and Pictures

Amon is a fairly huge place.  Some of it is not... obvious.  Here you will find pictures and maps to help you find your way around.  Don't count on these being all encompassing.  It wouldn't be fun if we told you everything.

Character Build Suggestions

Here you will find build suggestions to enhance your gameplay.  Amon was designed to be a fairly difficult party world.  If you are going to try it solo, you'd better have a strong build.

Item Drop List

There are thousands of items, from meh to uber epic.  This will be information to help you find the right item for your character.

Quest information

We are working on a database of sorts, to detail some of the myriad quests.  Anticipate a generic "hint" and a follow up "spoiler" if necessary.

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