UPDATE Magical Crafting System.

August 6, 2018 UPDATES

Thanks To Brandon and Bryan for making this happen.  First try of this killed some spells this one seems to work properly.  Enjoy Ray

“The Krit’s Better Craft Magic system has been implemented on Amon.  This allows for the crafting of wands and scrolls and brewing of potions to scale with the users caster level.

Additionally there is an item for sale that lets you choose the spell level instead of always taking the maximum.  Harmtimestop, & true seeing require a vial of dragon blood in order to scribe.  Said vial is lost when the spell is scribed.”

[Note:  At the moment Harm, Time Stop and True Seeing scribing might not work as Amon uses different Dragon Blood.. More info to come…”

The  Sallen merchant now sells bone wands, the wand charger (also works on all charged items..  ie.. Kryxx staff, garnet ring) and the level setter (Lets you set the level if you dont want max).  You can also buy blank scrolls and empty vials there as well.

Here is just an example of the levels and costs.  I have to wait till home to add the rest. Here is the full list.  Magic Crafting List

Spell Name                            CL          Scribe Scroll             Craft Wand            Brew Potion

Blade Barrier                             11             1650        66                 —        —                 —        —

Blade Barrier                             15             2250        90                 —        —                 —        —

so from this you can see that a cleric can scribe two different levels of blade barrier scrolls….

one costing 1650 gold and 66 exp and the other 2250 and 90 exp, additionally blade barrier can’t be put into a wand or potion

Flame Weapon                            3               150          6             4500      180               300        12

Flame Weapon                          10               500        20           15000      600             1000        40

Flame Weapon                          17               850        34           25500    1020             1700        68

Flame weapon works in a similar fashion with a lvl 17 wand costing 1020 exp and 25k gold.  It can be put into a wand and also brewed as a potion.

The levels are set by a widget thats included.. you use the widget on the scroll paper or blank wand and it sets the level.  I don’t recall exactly how the widget works for level setting as I never use it  🙂