Regular run DM special quests?

July 22, 2018 UPDATES  2 comments

How many people are interested in regular run DM special quests?  I sent out a group email to see what times people may be available to do this on a Saturday or Sunday.  It is a good way to earn equipment that you many not usually be able to obtain playing on your own.  Its also a great way to meet and get to know other players on your server.  If players are interested in these special quests please comment below.  Thanks DM Shoric.

2 comments to Regular run DM special quests?

  • Grumples  says:

    I may be interested, though I probably wouldn’t be able to make every single one.

    Would RP be required/encouraged? What would the level range be? How long would the sessions last?

    • admin  says:

      Depends on how many people are interested. No one would be required to make everyone its mainly to foster players meeting other players. Will role play be required not necessarily the idea is to have fun. If being in character is your thing it will be encouraged. The level range we can fudge depending on the party. Most players usually bring their best character but not necessary. Around an hour these should be fun not so much a slog fest. We haven’t even thought up a particular quest yet as were not even sure if people are wanting to do something like this. If you see players on remind them to go to the website and put their say in. There were only 2 responses so far.

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