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July 22, 2018 SUGGESTIONS  11 comments

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11 comments to Player Suggestions

  • Grumples  says:

    How much of a hassle would it be to get a forum set up for the website? I think that’d be pretty cool if that was a thing. I’ve got a lot more suggestions, but I’ll add them a bit later.

    • admin  says:

      We have kicked the idea around. Our biggest issue with a forum or any database is they are hackable. We wouldn’t do one internally on the website. Maybe an outside 3rd party one if its decent and free. Any one know of one? DM Shoric

      Edt: This is why I put this post up gives players the ability to comment minus the hackable database.

      • Grumples  says:

        Hmm, yeah. Didn’t really think about the hack aspect. Not to mention the inevitable flood of bots speaking foreign languages.

        So, another of my suggestions was updating wiz/sorc direct damage spells, and raising the cap of when they top out. As an example, a spell like Scintillating Sphere caps out at level 10 at 10d6 damage. I think it’d be awesome if the cap was raised to 20, maybe even 40.

        My reasoning behind this is twofold. One, currently mage characters seem to be mostly limited to 3-4 offensive spells, the rest being of little to no use, as enemies have so much life, a fireball, even maximized does rather pathetic damage.

        Secondly, if spells scaled to 40, it would give more of incentive to focus more in a single class, as opposed to feeling like you need to go the “cheese” or powergame route for your character to be feasible.

        I’m not sure how much work this would entail. I’d assume it would just be going into each spells script and changing the cap on the damage to something higher?

        That said, I dunno if this is the direction you want to go with the server. It’s something that’s a big change, but personally, I feel like it would make the wiz/sorc a little more viable, not to mention more diverse, as opposed to do relying on the same handful of spells.

        I think a lot of the divine direct damage spells could benefit from the same treatment, now that I think about it…. lol

        • admin  says:

          Our main direction of the world is trying to keep the world close to Ren’s vision. Mostly you want to keep characters some what power balanced. We are tweaking some magic aspects like the black blade is a bit more of a beast now. This as more users start playing will get scaled back a little.

          We call it player economy you want things to be well balanced for players at different levels. If you make magic users too powerful you get a world filled with only magic users. You have devalued other classes and people don’t want to play them. Same goes with just giving players super powerful weapons it kils the player economy. Not keeping play balanced can kill a world. It becomes boring to users as does having play so hard it becomes frustrating.

          So we are doing behind the scene tweaks and value user input. Having the website up where we can post updates will help. Just always remember we didn’t create this world nor are we code monkeys. Some changes may take some time and research so stay tuned. Keep the comments oming. DM Shoric.

  • Grumples  says:

    Yeah, I gotcha. I don’t want any class to be more OP than the others either. My main viewpoint is just one of enhancing class diversity in some way. How to best go about that while still staying true to the original vision of the world…that’s the pickle, I suppose.

    I do know that some class specific items, particularly some of the class based quest rewards, are rather lacking in stats. That is to say, by the time you get around to doing the quest and getting the rewards, you’ve already got better gear than what you are given. Either that, or some of the mods on the item don’t really make sense for the class.

    Another thing might be the addition of more drops? I’ve noticed that certain weapon types are almost non existent. Handaxes, light hammers, whips, monk gloves…to name a few. There’s also the CEP weapons. Currently, there are no feats accessible for those weapons in the base game. I’ve read that NWNX can add in functionality for such things, among many other possibilities.

    However, that gets back to your earlier point of not being a code monkey. hehe Hope I don’t come off as being demanding here. Mostly just throwing out stuff I’ve thought of while playing, or where I felt something was lacking.

    • admin  says:

      Yeah it is a bit of a pickle. Now that we are starting to get a user base playing we want to hear what works what doesn’t. That’s why the new website with post ability. If you went on Team Speak most nights you would hear us pro\con different ideas.

      There are some of the almost non existent weapons available just not a bunch. One player is working on making a database of sorts that pulls from the module lists all the items say a monk can use and you can drill down, find all equipment droppable in the world for that class. It will also show who drops it and where. This we actually have a coder working on and its taking him some time to make it totally do what users would want. Its getting really close. Once that’s up players can see what’s available and can suggest new weapons for sure. We have talked about NWNX however at this point its mainly working only on Linux for EE. Once they get a version working well for windows then we will experiment with it.

      No its creative input and we do take things into consideration. With us not being code monkeys it takes some time to implement and we are making changes.

  • Grumples  says:

    I’d suggest maybe adding a log in message on the server that would let players know about the website. However, upon entering you get spammed with your entire inventory list in the combat log, so if a player didn’t have their chat split, they’d never see the message.

    I suppose a journal entry might also work, however I don’t know if anyone actually checks that either.

    • admin  says:

      We have directly emailed most people about the website already.

    • admin  says:

      We also put the website in the Journal and the “starting” sign in Heija. We could put an OnEnter “Tell”, or a delayed server message… I’d have to ask somebody to help me figure out a coding though.


  • Grumples  says:

    I’ve spoken with skny about it before, but how about a key ring type item, where all the keys that currently clutter up your bags/inventory can all be consolidated into one item.

    I don’t mind most keys, but there are currently a handful of quest-based keys that are not removed from inventory during the quest, and after the fact are undroppable and unsellable. I feel bad bugging the DM to remove them on every character.

    • admin  says:

      We have talked about this as well. As long as it doesn’t require a special hak pack its doable. As with anything it takes some time to implement. DM Shoric.

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