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XP Bank and Shadow Jump Widget. Cool Additions to AMON.

October 1, 2018 UPDATES

DM Bryan has added 2 new features to the world.  First one is currently located in the Heija Arena. Its an XP bank that is tied to your CD key and not affected by server resets.  Now you take a character you dont want, drain the XP and apply to another character.   As with anything there is a give and take.  You get back a quarter of the points you bank.  Put in 100k get 25k to use on another character,  This feature is live.

Second even cooler item added is a jump widget. You can select 5 different jump points around Amon.  It is not affected by server resets.  It is available in the Heija merchant on the right.   You use it by by right clicking widget and hitting use.  Then you click on the ground and a menu comes up asking if you want to set or jump to a point...
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